Deconstructed Style

So what happened was…..

In my quest for constant ideas and inspiration (and new content for Pinterest) I stumbled across the Ralph Lauren chair below and absolutely fell in love. Further investigation informed me of its $5000 price tag (ouch!). Clearly this is mostly to do with the designer name but in my opinion it is totes amazeballs (I’m not from Essex fyi!)6b4c84a912b41213aad9a9048de77403

I showed the pic to hubby and he loved it too, then I showed it to MadEye who thought it was ‘bloody awful’ I think maybe to his master craftsman eye it probably did look unfinished yet I couldn’t help but think that maybe he was lacking creative thought. Man the things I would do if I had his skills!!!

Deconstructed style is clearly very fashionable at the moment but there is a huge difference between the products made to look unfinished and those which simply are. I think this particular chair appeals so much to me because the frame has been finished (lacquered I think though not sure) which gives it a more polished look.

If there was a point to this little ramble I’m not sure what it was, what I do know is that I’m excited about the future and I really like that chair!


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